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Kishon Williams

Two Individual Projects

The Two individual project will consist of a dynamic duo of male and a female. A short color 30 seconds to 1 min video snippet while having music play in the background. I will include a lot of portraits, body shots, and headshots for each of the models. Having a specific aesthetic and scenery of each of the models and their clothing. Each model will have different shot sizes and angles. The video/ snippet will combine the two models’ styles together as one whole look.

Explanation of details A 5 seconds medium shot for of the location/ environment. Shooting both indoors and outdoors, depending on the subjects’ silhouettes. I want the setting and environment to complement one another. I will shoot in 2 or 3 different location that will go with each’s subject silhouette. A medium/close up shot of both of the subjects staring directly into the camera. The camera angel would be at a low angle coming below them to the waist and up, making the subjects both look powerful and bold. Have a 10 second medium close up shot of the subjects interacting close together. The male will have a prop. I would have an extreme close up for 5 seconds of the prop and the male giving the prop to the female. While showing great details of the accessories (earrings rings, hairstyle). A 5-10 seconds medium long shot of both subjects’ full body outfit. Then, I’ll have both of subjects separate slowly apart, while the woman takes the prop. A 5-second-long shot of them walking back while looking directly at each other and a background that will be placed in the back. The music fades out and screen fades to black.