Portfolio VisComm |
Julian Romero


Note | These projects were modified due to the coronavirus and internship opportunities at Fender Guitars

The musical instrument industry is an expensive luxury market, and difficult to pitch to potential customers why they need to spend possibly +$100 for one accessory. As I discussed to you and the group the past Monday, my primary project is to create a “video podcast” of a discussion and demonstration about musical equipment gear that I selected. The primary focus for this video series is a demonstrate effect pedals for guitar and bass.

To go into depth of why I am choosing this route is that I want to work in musical instrument industry, and hopefully be able to demonstrate a future employer about my product knowledge. I believe a video format would be best for three reasons: 1) Although it is based on audio, musical instruments and accessories is very much a visually appealing aspect in the industry; 2) it is by far easier to show these objects than to describe them; 3) I am presenting myself as a brand, and to better present my brand and personality, there needs to be face. The music industry wants to see a face.

My secondary projects that I have chosen are going to be creating a small portfolio in photography with 35mm film and creating package designs for my current favorite guitar accessory brand Ernie Ball. The theme for the photography portfolio will be primarily art walks/small art festivals as well as taking photos of concerts I will be attending.