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Jackson Barnes

Light Pollution

This project I think will be a little less drastic than the first one but nonetheless will require a lot of time and a lot of traveling.

My plan is to start at Griffith Observatory, which arguably has one of the best views of Downtown LA around. This is where I will start, taking pictures of the skyline and really trying to highlight that amount of light that is coming off of the city.

After taking photos of Downtown from Griffith, I will then try to get as far away from the city as I possibly can, to go somewhere where there is no light pollution and you can see the stars in full force. I will shoot long exposures here, trying to get the best possible photo of the incredible night sky.

The point of shooting in these two locations is to compare and contrast the night sky in these two locations. I want to really show the effects of light pollution on our surroundings and most importantly on the night sky.

Photos at Assisted Living Home

Note | This project was cancelled due to the coronavirus

This is an idea that I think would be a great experience for me and could be great for the community.

Doing this wouldn’t be too hard, I think the hardest part would be finding a place they would let me do this. I think the people living there would get a real kick out of it and I could supply them with some really great pictures.

I am going to approach this how I would approach any of shoot I have, and take it completely as it goes. I usually don’t have to much of a plan going into shoots because If you have a set plan you usually really bound yourself to a certain agenda. Usually the best things happen with no plan.

I will start by reaching out to places around the area and trying to form a connection with them to see if I can work with them to do a shoot.

The most important thing is to make them realize I just want to help them out and do anything I can to make it easy for them, without asking for anything in return.

This will be a fun weekend project to do, and I can only hope that it all works out the way that I am picturing it.