Portfolio VisComm |


Objective I will be creating a mock portfolio for social media. Utilizing Instagram’s layout however it will be placed on a webpage.

Description An Instagram profile block with photos of the different hobbies I enjoy yet showing them in a unified way (same color scheme or similar shot POV.) Since this is a “smaller” project I felt it would be a good way to showcase the different skills I have and the different interests I have as well. Because I don’t really have a concentration of types of things I like to do I feel this is the best way to present myself to potential employers.


Objective | I will be creating a portfolio for social media. Predominantly for Instagram all about Disneyland.

Description | One of the companies I would really like to work for is Disney. Either with the production company or with their amusement parks. To show this I want to visit Disneyland and take photos for social media, and include copy as if I were already working for them.