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Brianna Foley

Editorial Lookbook

My second individual project would be to create an editorial/high fashion lookbook. The lookbook won’t necessarily involve expensive high fashion brands but will display how you can style affordable pieces to achieve elevated looks that you see on social media or within magazines. Ideally this shoot would require a special location that provides the right ambience without taking away from the clothing being photographed. The goal is to provide outfit inspiration through this theme while highlighting my skill sets. Various magazines like Vogue, Porter and Elle are great examples of editorial lookbook magazines.

This project too requires planning and budgeting. The ideal location for this shoot is Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, so permit requirements must be set in place. Pulling outfit looks and coordinating with the model in terms of fittings and shoot dates are some of the steps prior to creating this lookbook. From there a series of three to four outfits and the details will be shot throughout the estate to capture the aesthetic and high fashion vibe. Fashion is all about getting creative and working with what you’ve got. I believe that anyone can achieve an elevated look with affordable items which this lookbook will demonstrate.

Street Style Lookbook

My third individual project is to create a street style lookbook. Street style has become very popular, primarily because it encompasses all kinds of fashion, even casual wear while meshing different styles. You can really get the most creative with street style because it really focuses on individualism and mixing pieces that make up your wardrobe. Again, this would require location scouting, sourcing clothing pieces, finding models, shooting, editing, etc. This would allow for tons of exploration in terms of showing how I can style outfits and shoot them.

This project will be comprised of a series of fashion forward images showing the outfit and the small details that make up each look. Using a camera the model and I will go all around Downtown Los Angeles to find ideal locations that complement the outfit but don’t take away from it at the same time. I myself will handpick each image and edit them using Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom. While the project is smaller than my individual project it will require all my attention and focus to detail and organization.