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Alyssa Almazan

FRND Magazine

A magazine that celebrates my beautiful friendships. I will photograph my friends (who I’ve known for years, who I recently met, who I want to catch up with) individually and will have a small interview section for each of them along with their selected photos. Each person’s photographs will be conceptual and unique to their personality, our relationship, our memories, etc. I will also have my own section in the magazine (which will be the feature article) where I will be photographed by a selected friend(s) and interviewed by each person I have photographed. I will probably have them submit a few questions each and choose one to answer which will create the interview section for my article. The cover of the magazine will be photographed by myself which will feature my closest friends. They will be wearing primary colors for their tops, light blue denim for their bottoms, and white shoes. For my photoshoot, I will be wearing all white since the concept is that my friends add color to my life.